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A Brief History on the Mariachi Tradition


Mariachi Publishing Company takes pride in recommending the following educational and inspirational DVDs and audio CDs, all of which could benefit your school or home library.  Follow the links for purchase information:

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"Viva El Mariachi" ® (Click to view sample video)
Written by Al Gonzalez & Cate Rachford

This educational documentary was inspired by the music of retired mariachis Valentine & Maria Elena Gonzalez.
Special featured guests include: the grand Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán and, mariachis Zihuatlan, Coculense, Las Adelitas, Monumental America, Las Divas, Champaña Nevin, Authentico Guadalajara and 8-year old Maureen. Special featured interviews include living legends like Heriberto "El Cura" Molina, Miguel Martinez & Jonathan Clark, Rebecca Gonzales, and the Queen of female mariachis in Los Angeles, Ca, Laura Sobrino amongst others who share their history of mariachi music.

Shooting took place in California, Guadalajara & Guachinango, Jalisco and in elementary, Jr. high, high schools, colleges and universities offering mariachi music programs.

"Viva El Mariachi" ® is an uplifting music documentary, that explores the history, the instruments, charro outfit and worldwide cultural acceptance of mariachi music.

Now completed, "Viva El Mariachi" ® will be entered into national and international film festivals. 

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Pasajero: A Journey of Time and Memory (Click to view sample video)
The first of a series of four documentaries of The Cultures of Mexico in California Project, funded by The James Irvine Foundation and the Walter & Elise Haas Fund.

A one-hour documentary, it is an authentic and uplifting story that follows a group of young inner-city Mexican-American musicians to Mexico where they seek a deeper meaning of its traditions.
Pasajero- A Journey of Time and Memory Transcript

" Pasajero" Un tributo a la maravillosa cultura y tradiciones musicales de Mexico!'
                                                                                     Los Tigres del Norte

‘Pasajero, A Journey of Time and Memory breaks new ground in the documentation of ethnic music and its impact on cultural identity. It powerfully explores nascent transnational imaginaries and new forms of social convivencia.’

           Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, Independent Scholar, New York

‘Pasajero is a wonderful story about young people who reclaim their heritage. A musical odyssey. Pasajero successfully combines music with storytelling, creating a tale of a forgotten Mexican tradition told by the folks who lived it and the young people struggling to reclaim their heritage.’                                                            
Les Blank, Filmmaker

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More Los Cenzontles Merchandise!

A collection of video clips from professional mariachi performances:

(Formed in 1999, Mariachi Jalisciense has become one of Texas well known mariachi groups. Having performed in numerous receptions, Festivals and Concerts they have won peoples hearts and admiration with their unique style and tradition that Mariachi Jalisciense represents... more)

Written, Produced, and Directed by Olga Nájera-Ramírez, Ph. D.
 Winner! 1997 Silver Apple Award
 National Educational Film & Video Festival
 This half-hour documentary provides an intimate view of the charreada
 (Mexican rodeo) as described by Mexicanos living on both sides of the
 United States-Mexico border.  Based on five seasons of ethnographic
 research, this video focuses on the charreada as a means through which
 notions of Mexican identity are articulated, negotiated, and disseminated.
 Produced in English and Spanish (with English subtitles).
 Co-producer KTEH/San Jose public television is distributing the video "at
 cost."  Charges cover expenses necessary to reproduce, package, ship, and
 handle the video.   The sale price is $19.23 for California residents which
 includes tax and shipping and $17.99 for non-California residents. (As a
 non-profit organization, KTEH cannot charge sales tax to non-Californians.)

 To order a copy of this video call 1-800-771-KTEH or write to:
 Viewer Services:  La Charreada Tape
 1585 Schallenberger Rd.
 San Jose, CA 95131-2434

Make checks payable to:
 KTEH Foundation. (Write "La Charreada Tape" on your check and/or any correspondence with KTEH.)
Or, for more information:
 Prof. Olga Nájera-Ramírez
 Department of Anthropology
 Social Sciences I
 University of California
 Santa Cruz, CA 95064
 Phone: 831/459-4677
 Fax: 831/459-5900

"Noche en México," in DVD ($22 U.S.D.) or VHS ($18 U.S.D.) for sale.  This is a video of the Spectacular Concert series from the 2nd Annual Mariachi Festival in Denver, Colorado, 2002.  Features the following groups in concert:  Mariachi Los Reyes de Mexico, Mariachi Los Arrieros, Mariachi Mujer 2000, and Mariachi Vasquez, Ballet Folklorico de San Antonio.  For more information, go to .

Related Educational Audio CDs

Viva el Mariachi!: Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings - SFW40459 2002

Mariachi Trumpet Play-Along, Volume 1.  This 4 CD and music book collection is for mariachi trumpet aficionado, with some knowledge already of mariachi style or technique.  The music book has two trumpet parts written out for the thirteen song tracks recorded in the CDs.  Included are: La negra, El niño perdido, La norteña, El zopilote mojado, La culebra, Las tres pelonas, La botella, Los machetes, Las copetonas, Jesusita en Chihuahua, Chiapanecas, La costilla, El tranchete, La madrugada, and El barrilito.  The 4 CDs contain the same 13 songs, but Disc 1 is the 'full version,' disc 2 is for a 1st trumpet to play along with, Disc 3 is for the 2nd trumpet to play along with, and disc 4 is recorded without trumpet tracks so that the trumpets can play freely and see if they've learned it correctly.  Contact to order your copy.

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