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A Brief History on the Mariachi Tradition


Complex Mariachi Harmonic Patterns:

by Laura Garciacano Sobrino

I. Bolero Patterns (4/4 ballad)

    A. Commonly used in the Bolero genre, this pattern, called "secuéncia," is probably the second most important harmonic progression  more commonly found in this genre.  (The first most important progression used in boleros is "circulo," meaning the harmony is based on the circle of fifths.)

    B. Relative minors7 and v7/Dominant patterns:

II. The Joropo (origin: Venezuela)

III. The Popurrí is a medley of songs with some common theme, i.e. a composer, a particular singer’s repertory, a subject matter, which can:

  • contain elaborate or simpler bridges between songs.
  • re-arrange the original recording version into a more modern interpretation, using related substitute harmony.

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