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A Brief History on the Mariachi Tradition


Analyzing Mariachi Traditional and Popular Song Forms. 
A guide for the mariachi student.



Articles on Mariachi Music
Some listings of those hard-to-find articles!


The Jalisco harp (arpa Jalisciense) is the type of harp traditionally found in Jalisco, Mexico. It has long held two roles: That of being played solo, and that of being part of a mariachi. It is also used in the neighboring state of Michoacán, where, of course, it is called "arpa michoacana" (Michoacán harp). It is but one of many distinct types of harps found in various parts of Mexico, (Jalisco, Michoacán, Veracruz , Zacatecas, Sonora, San Luís Potosí, and Chiapas, to name a few), and throughout Latin America (Paraguay, Ecuador, Perú, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala).... more


Mariachi Folk Harp (Arpa Grande de Jalisco)
An article on the rural, urban and structural characteristics of the traditional Mariachi folk harp by Sergio Alonso of the Mariachi Los Camperos.
Sandpiper Instruments is proud to announce the arrival of its new electro-acoustic Mexican mariachi harp...taking the traditional "arpa de mariachi" and have made several modifications, including sharping levers, sound amplification and more, allowing greater possibilities for mariachi harpists.


Mariachi Trumpet Articulation Guide
Some examples on Mariachi trumpet style and technique.


Mariachi Trumpet Play-Along, Volume 1
 This 4 CD and music book collection is for mariachi trumpet aficionado, with some knowledge already of mariachi style or technique.  The music book has two trumpet parts written out for the thirteen song tracks recorded in the CDs.  Included are: La negra, El niño perdido, La norteña, El zopilote mojado, La culebra, Las tres pelonas, La botella, Los machetes, Las copetonas, Jesusita en Chihuahua, Chiapanecas, La costilla, El tranchete, La madrugada, and El barrilito.  The 4 CDs contain the same 13 songs, but Disc 1 is the 'full version,' disc 2 is for a 1st trumpet to play along with, Disc 3 is for the 2nd trumpet to play along with, and disc 4 is recorded without trumpet tracks so that the trumpets can play freely and see if they've learned it correctly.  Contact to order your copy.


Mariachi Vargas Discography




Tuning/Strum Charts

Basic Son Strumming Patterns | Basic Huapango Pattern | Complex Mariachi Harmony Patterns | Simple Mariachi Harmony Patterns | Guitarrón and Vihuela Tuning Charts |

Violin & Trumpet Voicing Guide
Some examples on distributing the violin and trumpet melodic lines.



Vihuela Chords Chart
A graphic representation of the Vihuela chords. Majors, Minors, Séptimas(7a), Séptimas Menores, Séptimas Mayores, Sextas...


OTHER Mexican folk musics

The son jarocho
"Many of the regional styles in Spanish America are song/dance styles using a 6/8 rhythm syncopated with 2/4 and 3/4 rhythms (this is known as sesquialtera)..."

Vera Cruz guitars and information
The guitarra de son from Vera Cruz

"The guitarra de son is the term that the rural jarochos use for the requinto jarocho. It has four courses and comes in a variety of sizes. The bass, or guitarron jarocho, is called the leon. The next size up is the guitarra cuarta or leona. We have photos of those on the traditional instrument page on our website..." (Spanish)
Audio and verbal descriptions of sones in the Mexican Folk Music genre.
"Los sones dominados Abajeños o Planecos, los hubicamos en el Valle de Apatzingán, en la cuenca del río Tepalcatepec..."

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