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A Brief History on the Mariachi Tradition


Analyzing Mariachi Traditional and Popular Song Forms

The Son Jaliscience 

  • Perhaps the most traditional song form from the mariachi genre.
  • Has both instrumental and versed songs in this form, mostly in major keys.  Some minor key sections exist.
  • Most mariachis consider this in 3/4, some will say alternating 3/4 and 6/8, some ethnomusicologists say 12/8, due to the alternating rhythmic pattern.  Traditionally performed with dancers.
  • There are different regional styles with the mariachi region itself.
  • Several identifying musical factors:

1. alternating basic rhythmic pattern in the armonía (guitars, vihuela) and guitarrón.  Basic pattern consists of one measure of 6/8 feel (guitarrón goes “against time”, contratiempo, in the 6/8 measure) with the next measure a definate 3/4.

2. Has a traditional identifying tag ending.  About 80% of the time is the following:

The rest of the time, the following is used:

  • Sones with sung verses typically will have an introduction which is many times a similar melody to the vocal melody.  A chorus refrain may follow the main verse(s).  There is a return to the instrumental interlude using the same melodic introduction to separate verses, or there may be a new instrumental theme played.  This may play through two to three times before the tag ending is played.


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