Mariachi Violin Transcriptions (Mel Bay Publishing, MB#99753)
arranged by Laura Sobrino
release date: February 2002
selling price:  $12.95

This is a just-released collection of transcriptions written for the "non-mariachi musician," Cover Photo by Laura Sobrino.  The book has 10 traditional ( instrumental) mariachi tunes written for one to two violins, guitar and bass, and is for  intermediate to advanced players.  The violin(s) part pulls out for easy reading, and the score includes rhythmic/chord notation for a guitar, and notation for a bass instrument.

Any folk musician who has wanted to learn some traditional mariachi repertory, including the son jaliscience, and the jarabe, can use these transcriptions as an excellent notation resource, as well as a reference for musical style.

The ten songs:

 1)  La culebra (son jaliscience)
 2)  El riflero (son jaliscience)
 3)  El llano grande (son jaliscience)
 4)  Jarabe tapatío
 5)  Jarabe la botella
 6)  Florecitas mexicanas (polka)
 7)  Flor de México (polka)
 8)  Lindas pachuqueñas (polka)
 9)  La marcha Zacatecas
10) El zopilote mojado

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