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Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino
Brooklyn, New York 11205
Alvaro Paulino
Alvaro Paulino Jr.
(718)783-5786 (Spanish)
(917)709-3885 (English)

"New York's #1 Finest Mariachi"
Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino

Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino consist of 5-8 fully uniformed players, or sometimes even more upon request. Prices may vary depending on location and number of musicians. Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino provides you with professional mariachi music entertainment for many types of social events.....

·Birthday Parties
·Funeral Services
·Night Clubs
·Audio and Video Recordings
·Press Reviews
·Radio Airplay
·TV Commercials
·Tour Promotion

·And many more social events!



Alvaro Paulino – Professional Mariachi Trumpet Player

Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino began in 1983 under the direction of Alvaro Paulino. Born in Puebla, Mexico, Alvaro Paulino studied at Puebla’s Conservatory with Edmundo Cruz (a professional cornet and trumpet player who his known throughout Mexico). Alvaro began playing the trumpet at age 15 and has continued with his talent and expanded his skills over the years by playing and studying with many well-known mariachis in Mexico, such as Mariachi Metepec, Mariachi Puebla, Mariachi Cocula, Mariachi Los Arrieros, Mariachi Continental, Mariachi Los Caporales, Mariachi Los Cuervos, and many more!!!

Alvaro has also accompanied many great artists such as Vicente Fernandez, Lola Beltran, Miguel Aceves Mejia, Lucha Villa, Gerardo Reyes, Yolanda Del Rio, Pedro Fernandez, Alicia Juarez, Paco Michel, Hermanas Huerta, Emilio Galvez, Leo Dan, Manuel Lopez Ochoa, Placido Domingo, and many more!!!

Alvaro Paulino Jr.– Professional Mariachi Musician,
Violin, Trumpet, Guitarron, Vihuela, Guitar, And Vocal

Playing on Alvaro's side is Alvaro Jr. They are the first father and son trumpet couple here in New York. At early age of six, Alvaro Paulino Jr. enrolled at the Brooklyn Music School at age 6 where he has been taught. A few of his teachers were and presently still are Ana Keylin, Misha Keylin, Albert Rhodes, Adam Levine and more!!! He also received valuable private lessons from many of the great mariachi veterans in Mexico such as his godfather Trino Origel Vargas (a well known professional trumpet player in Jalisco, Guadalajara), his god brother Edwin Origel Vargas (guitarist in Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan De Fernando Martinez), Luis Mendoza (director and violinist of Mariachi Metepec), Javier Vasquez (director and violinist of Mariachi Aguilas De Mexico), Israel Guerrero (trumpet players for Mariachi Los Emperadores in Garibaldi), Luis Guerrero (trumpet player for Mariachi Metepec), Jose Santiago (violinist and musical director for Mariachi Tenampa), and from El Maestro Jose “Pepe” Martinez (violinist, composer, arranger, and musical director for “The World’s Best Mariachi” – Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan).

Alvaro’s uncles, who are also well known musicians, have also giving him private instructions too. Their names are Marcelo Paulino (violinist for Los Camperos De Jesus Rodriguez), Carmelo Paulino (former violin player of Mariachi Arriba Juarez, currently playing with Mariachi Metepec), Luciano Paulino (vihuela player in Mariachi Metepec), Jaime Paulino (trumpet player for Mariachi Metepec), Tatcho Paulino (violinist for Mariachi Metepec and Eladio Arriaga (director and trumpet player for Mariachi Puebla in New York).

Alvaro Jr. has been accompanied by many great well known mariachi bands, such as El Mariachi Metepec, Mariachi Aguilas De Mexico, Mariachi Cobre De Mexico, Mariachi Sol De Mi Tierra de Alejandro Alvarado Garcia, Mariachi Los Madrugadores, Mariachi Los Cardenales, Mariachi Oro, Mariachi Continental, Mariachi Tenampa De Nuevo Mexico, Mariachi Sonidos De America De Xavier Serrano “Pancho Loco”, Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan De Jalisco, Guadalajara, and of course “The best mariachi in the whole world, El Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan!!!

He has shared the stage with many great mariachi bands such as Mariachi 2000 De Cutberto Perez, Mariachi Mexico Lindo De Las Morenas, Mariachi Imperial, Mariachi Mujer 2000, and Mariachi America De Jesus Rodriguez De Hijar.


*Mariachi Tapatio De Alvaro Paulino is not associated with El Mariachi Tapatio, Tucson, AZ

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